CBISWeb is dedicated to providing the best Information Technology solutions to businesses and individuals alike. CBIS is comprised of Software Developers, Website Developers and Designers, Computer Technicians, Information Technology Networking Specialists, Management Information Systems Experts, all dedicated to providing the public with the tools necessary to achieve success. We pool together resources in order to offer Telecommunication Solutions, electronic or e-commerce, static, content management website and web applications development. Our repair team is capable of handling anything personal computer related, from Mainframe Servers to Mobile Phones. Our Software Developers have a diverse background in programming languages, therefore they have the knowledge and experience necessary to tackle any size project. Our Website Developers utilize PHP for most of our projects, however any programming language can be considered upon request. We develop stand alone websites, as well as websites utilizing popular web platforms such as, WordPress and Joomla. We are passionate about helping small businesses gain the support needed in order to be successful in their business, and offer advice and consultation whenever needed. CBIS Web appreciate constructive feedback.CBIS Web is always striving to deliver the best technology solutions to businesses and individuals. Enter our website and explore the options CBIS Web has to offer. CBIS Web is happy to assist you in any way possible.